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Everything is Wireless. Your Android and iPhone. Your iPad and Nook and Kindle. Your printers and laptop and wireless desktop computers, not to mention your cordless phones and other appliances. Chances are, you need to connect two locations or expand your coverage area.

Networks rely on ethernet cabling too due to it's reliability and faster throughput.

But mobility means wireless.

Laptops, smart phones and tablets are made for wireless networks. The point is to make all of your wireless network devices work together with your hard-wired network, and to make sure that other wireless networks aren't interfering with yours. Mobile devices require secure wireless routers.

Business Strategy

Wireless networks are swirling all around us.

When your network is set up properly, it just works. There is no mystery about it. Life is Good.

Network problems can put you out of business. When your network is working properly, you don't even think about it, and can focus on running your business.

  • The Internet is fast
  • You can print to any printer
  • Your data backups work
  • Your mobile devices work everywhere you go
  • 15 year old kids aren't hacking into your computers and using your Internet connection

Secure Wireless Networks
mean secure data